A Spirit Within – Kevlyn Hoisington

Stained Glass and Chainmaille Jewelry

Kevlyn HoisingtonIt is simply what I know I should be doing. When I sit down to work on my glass or jewelry, I know in my soul it is my purpose. It is my challenge to get an idea, plan it out, create it to the best of my ability then stand back and have my personal win that what was a flicker of a picture in my mind’s eye is now a work of art in my hands. I have spent years learning and practicing my craft, materials. I love using Swarovski Crystals, Vintage glass and jewels, shells and other items. My art is of my design. I love to share my art with the public and consider each sale a compliment. My art is sold in Galleries on the Long Beach Peninsula and at Art shows I participate in.

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Jennifer Cullings, Pet Portraits & Illustrations

Wanda, by JenniferMy medium is watercolor pencil, and animals with personality are my theme. I enjoy painting animals of all kinds. I am currently working closely with breeders of show cats, to create lasting memories of their amazing animals. Originally from Ithaca, New York, my family and I made our home in the foothills of Mount St Helens in 2002. We are constantly inspired by nature, and the beautiful landscape that surrounds us.

For more information visit RedZoneGraphics.com or Facebook / Jennifer Cullings – Pet Portraits

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Jamie Bayer, Artist

Jamie BayerI was so blessed to grow up in a home that promoted all kinds of art. From painting and working with yarn to sculpting and weaving wild grass to make baskets. I grew up in the Mojave Desert where the Sierra Nevada’s were my playground. In my teens we moved to the high deserts of Utah where I had the Flaming Gorge and Green River in my back yard. But the Northwest kept calling me from the first time I visited when I was young.

When I sit down to paint there is a freedom and peace that surrounds me. It is like living the most beautiful, perfect day on earth. To be able to play with the colors and create whatever my mind pictures is such a wonderful feeling. The painting guides and pulls me along where it wants me to go. Fog has always fascinated me and learning the technique to make the colors blend so nicely has been fun and exciting. I have also started to hide images within my paintings, hoping to get that second look from someone who thought they may have seen a bird, butterfly, deer or even a horse and many other things. But to bring joy and warmth to someone else is my goal for each and every piece I create. Wishing everyone beautiful colors in every day of their lives.

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Rhonda Archer & Pretty Pictures, Artist

Rhonda ArcherI am a small town girl, born and raised in Minnesota and then moved to the Washington state. I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby and love being outdoors. I spent most of my life moving around the United States and lived in Berlin, Germany for 2 and a half years. I have a very eclectic assortment of photographs: the Berlin Wall, sky scrapers of New York City, landscapes and wildlife. I have found that beauty is everywhere, even in your own back yard. You just have to open your eyes and your mind to see it. One of my goals was to get one photograph published, and I am proud to say, “I did it!”

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Christine Smith, Mosaics

Chris Smith makes mosaics out of a variety of mediums.No bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Chris Wallace, Jewelry

Chris Wallace makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry.I have had a lifelong love affair with jewelry. As a child, I remember waiting for the county fair each summer so I could “win” a heart-shaped necklace on which my name would be “engraved.” Jewelry was always on my Christmas list for as long as I can remember, so I suppose it’s only natural that I would choose jewelry as a hobby. When my children were raised, and when I no longer worked full time, I took my first class. I was hooked.

I make what I describe as costume jewelry because it’s affordable to anyone. I use a wide variety of materials, including natural stones, shells, rocks, vintage beads and pins, buttons, found items, and any sort of glass beads. I string, wire wrap and do a lot of improvising. Seldom do I have more than one of the same design for sale at any time in my inventory of 150+ pieces.

I satisfy my need for being creative, and I hope co have something to appeal to everyone, by the unique pieces I create.

I share my love of jewelry with friends, and acquaintances who soon become friends, by hosting beading days at my home once a month. I have taught many, many gals the basics. I love to share my passion.

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Gary Bilodeaux, Painter

Gary Biolodeaux paints extraordinary works.Gary Bilodeaux was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been an artist from the age of 8, with Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang as his first models. His love for art did not wane when his main focus necessarily turned to the support and rearing of his family. Currently, he is working full time as a provider in a local hospital Emergency Room. He has a Bachelor’s degree in science, a Master’s in Education and is a Doctoral candidate in Psychology. Even with all these responsibilities, he continues to pursue art in all of its forms, and has built up a fabulous inventory of original paintings, drawings and sculpture. He has even written “Louis’”, a children’s story complete with his own original illustrations.

Although he has worked in many mediums, he is currently focused on acrylics. He loves portrait painting and always finds a way to add vibrancy to the face. His art truly pops off the canvas. He moves fluidly through various subject matters and continually seeks new ones.

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Leslie Pogue – Pogue Art Creations

A piece of Leslie Pogue jewelry.The outdoors, animals and sharing art with others has been a great love of mine. I paint with oils and acrylics, and also make jewelry. These last few months I have been painting a lot of lovable cats and kittens in oils. Before that I was working a lot with spray acrylic and painting plants, before that I was doing portraits of children in oils. Now, I’m just starting to do some oil painting off of old photos.

In jewelry I work with Sterling Silver and Copper. If you’re tired of the look of jewelry store pieces, and want some original hand made designs, come see what I have. You won’t find any plastic in my work – just metal, rock, wood and glass beads.

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Mary Fortner, Northwest Jewelry Artist

Mary Fortner artAs a jewelry artist of 14+ years, I have found joy and satisfaction from the work I have produced. Though mostly self-taught, I’ve studies other artists’ techniques (not designs) in books and magazines. The beads from nature; semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, shells, and metals from the earth hold a special place in my heart. But I also like “sparkle”, therefore, Swarovski Crystals are frequently found in my designs as there are no finer lead crystal beads available. I take care to chose only the best from a strand or hank of beads as they are my palette from which I create my art. I stand behind the quality of my workmanship in my jewelry and will repair any defects in this workmanship, free of charge. I hope you enjoy wearing or giving my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it.

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Janice Kane, Decorative Gourds and Carvings

Art by Janice Kane.My name is Janice Kane. I started scrapbooking in the 1990’s after the kids were grown and I had more time. This for me was my artistic outlet and started the development of the use of colors and texture. In 2006 a friend invited me to go with her to a wood carving class. I reluctantly went, because I was sure I would have no talent, or desire to go to more than one class. The project was a cute little bear, wearing pants and a jacket. By the time we got to the detail phase of the project I started liking carving. When we painted him and the instructor put the twinkle in the eye, I was hooked.

I have been carving for nine years and have done a wide verity of projects, including two different birds that took me almost a year each to complete. Through my carving classes I met a lady that made decorative gourds. I talked her into giving me a class. Since that class I have started making decorative gourds and I love it.

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Linda Andrews Riggs, Watercolor Paintings

Linda Andrews-Riggs chica bearIt has always been a goal of mine to end each day more educated, more experienced, more compassionate, self-disciplined and courageous than the day before. Art has afforded me a way to work toward this daily goal.

I have had a lifelong interest in nature and art with a strong need to create. Watercolor has given me a way to combine many of my goals, interests and loves in ways that allows me to grow with each and every foray into the painting world.

What a journey!!

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JoyLynn Woodard, Watercolor Paintings

JoyLynn WoodardHello, and Welcome.  To tell you a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in California and from my youngest years had a real love and talent for art.  To foster this natural gift my mother would encourage me with new coloring books and crayons.  When I reached high school my teachers thought I had such a good talent for art that I should take an art class.  That is where I created my first oil painting which helped me develop my style; however, through the years, watercolor has become and remains my passion.

After graduating from high school I worked in positions that allowed me the opportunity to do graphic design, paste-up and layout, collage, greeting cards, various artist crafts and photography.  I still draw from these experiences today.

Being well known for my art is a dream.  I feel that my paintings are bright, attractive and familiar, like paintings of animals and familiar places.  I like getting ideas from other people for new drawings and paintings.  I hope my artwork brings joy and pleasant memories to all.

Wanting to dispel the myth that watercolor painting is the most difficult medium, I rose to the challenge with persistence in finishing paintings and finding ways to unlock my inspirations.  That is what drives me to continue painting.

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Maili McDaniel, Fused Glass and Lampwork Beads

20151114_141924I make fused glass jewelry, windchimes, suncatchers and other items.   I also make beads, pendants and Christmas ornaments in a flame with my torch.  This is call lampworking.  One of my other favorite things to do is create mosaics with all the leftover glass that I have hanging around. There is never enough time to create every idea I have.

I have always loved to create and I love anything shiny.  Thus began a love affair with glass in it’s many forms.   When glass wearable art became all the rage, I didn’t just want to own a piece, I wanted to make it.   My adventure began when I received my first kiln for a Christmas present.  I started first with fusing glass in a kiln to make wearable art.  Since then I have included lampworking and making mosaics to my list of favorite things to do as well.   I love all 3 arts forms that I work in, but lampworking calls to me.  Glass lampworking has been around for a very long time.  In current times, lampworking is done by melting glass rods in the flame of a torch. The glass is either wrapped around a mandrel to make a bead or molded to make an object.  I love the fluidity of glass when it begins to heat.  I love that I can let my imagination and ideas come alive.

Many of the glass designs that I create are influenced by my love of gardening and jaunts to the ocean.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Don Quackenbush, Stained Glass

Don Quackenbush stained glass, OrcasNo bio information has been provided by artist.

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Penny Cox, Upcycled Art

Saw Tree WelcomeA Community Metal Art Class at our local college “sparked” my interest in welding. Upcycling – Repurposing is like working jigsaw puzzles. You never know if a piece is going to work until you try, turning it around and around until it does fit. Welding, bending, and plasma cutting are my main methods of madness

With an ever-changing supply it is always a new adventure in the shop. Accumulating metal is also part of the fun. Garage sales, recycling centers and great friends and family are my sources for materials.

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Jane Brunk, Quilting

Jane BrunkMy mother instilled a love of fabrics and sewing when I was just a little girl.

After a battle with cancer, in 2004 I started quilting,  and it became a passion.  The majority of my quilts are donated to cancer patients.  However, I do sell some pieces so that I have money for my “cash stash” in order to buy more fabric and supplies.  Oh!  And so that I can go on “Shop Hops” with my quilting buddies.


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Gary Lewis, Blacksmith

Iron LeavesGary Lewis, Retired U.S. Army, Blacksmithing since 2004. I am a member of the Ft. Vancouver Trades Guild and the Northwest Blacksmith Association. I enjoy doing public demonstrations and sharing my knowledge and the history of smithing and the Northwest. I like doing historical reproduction. I make a lot of gear for historical re-enactors and others who enjoy the outdoors. I also enjoy forging things from found or previously purposed metal such as horseshoes, rebar and RR spikes.

Visit Gary’s web site at thelonewolfforge.com.

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Jan Johnson, Photography

Jan JohnsonPhotography has been my love since I was in high school.  Doing different things with my photos has changed over the years.  Currently, my love is putting photos on mugs, trivets, tiles, coasters, mouse pads, hot pads, and so many other items.    I have found that putting “your” favorite photos on these items is becoming more popular.  This makes such wonderful personal items that are not only practical but you can treasure these various items for years.

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Alan Brunk, Paintings and Pen Art

2016.03.23_122125No bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Vicki Brigden, Jewelry

Vicki BrigdenNo bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Doug McCoy, Woodworking

Doug-MC-2No bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Sterling McCoy, Sculptured Burlwood Art

20160224_150049-1No bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Susan Supola, Silk Paintings

Cone Flowers (Dyes on Silk)No bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Marion Ogle, Lampwork Beaded Jewelry

FrogNo bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Leah Bergman and Barbara Kettman, Leather Handbags and Accessories

MelodyNo bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Kandyse Whitney, Fused Glass Art

Butterscotch cobblestone setNo bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Paul Muxen, Native American Style Arts

Flutes and drumNo bio information has been provided by this artist.

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Sue Kramer, Pine Needle Basketry and Decorative Gourds

Moab Large- Bowl With LidNo bio information has been provided by this artist.

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